More of the Best SF Films

8.Amanda and the Alien(1996) - this cable TV film is a witty black comedy of alien invasion; hampered some by a low budget; first movie from a Robert Silverberg story, and he gave it thumbs up (and cameos in it)

9.Blade Runner(1982; Director's Cut) - thoughtful story is visually an early model of "cyberpunk" SF; characters and setting a little thin, though

10.Metropolis (1926, silent) - story of exploited workers versus idle rich is still powerful, as is the visual aspect; Moroder version fills in some missing scenes with stills

11.20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954 version) - one of the great adventure movies; Kirk Douglas and James Mason stand out; very atmospheric and lavish production

12. 2010(1984) - not nearly as well done as2001, this is still a good film; emphasizes the anachronistic Soviet/American antagonism much more than the novel does

13.Planet of the Apes(1968) - well-made and thoughtful anti-war film; hampered by the unlikely plot that astronauts circle back to earth without knowing it, and the fact that apes little worse than humans; good cast; great Jerry Goldsmith score