Avatar Movie

movie avatarThe movie Avatar by James Cameron has proved to be one of the best thrilling and spectacular movie. Well the fact that this $400 million movie was being directed by none other than James Cameron was enough to be sure that this was going to be one blast of a movie. James Cameron had directed movies like Titanic which has become trademark of his success.

So let’s have a brief look at the story of the movie:

This interesting film is revolving around the earth’s need for energy. The year is 2154 and humans have gone outside from their native land Earth. To another earth-sized moon named Pandora. Basically humans are mining for a mineral called Unobtanium, a mineral that is the cure for the ongoing energy crisis on earth. Human’s have been mining on Unobtanium for over 30 years and have taken the mineral out of many places of Pandora. Now they have reached a region on Pandora where a different breed of humanoids lives called Na’vi. These Na’vi are some what different from humans, having height over 3 meters tall with a tail and ability to glow in the dark.

Obviously, these indigenous races of humanoids are not happy with all the mining that humans are doing on their planet. But instead of making them feel comfortable with their presence, humans are so consumed up in mining that they not only ignore their rage and furry but sent Marines to subdue the Na’vi race.

Now, within these crucial circumstances the hero Jake who is not able to walk on his legs is given the mission with certain new skin of Avatar. In the end hero was saved by the beautiful princess of Na’vi race named Neytiri.