DUE DATE MOVIE: Simply thrilling!

Good performances by Robert Downery Jr, and Zack Galifianskis, although the movie does not match standards of other Todd Phillips comedy movie like, Hangover and Old School .Due Date is a bit funny. Hangover was out last year and it was fabulous.

Downeys plays as Peter Highman whose character in the movie depicts him as being very concern to get back home to his pregnant wife who is expecting a child. Highman is nervous and angered because of the situation that he is in. Unfortunately he lands on the no-fly list and opt another means to get home as quick as possible. He is forced to ride with Tremlay who lands him to a lot problems and misfortune. Downey and Galifianakis do their best to make this humor movie successful but the material they have is not sufficient for the job, though they do manager to bring out a little humor here and there definitely there are some funny moments.

Downey goes through a lot of problems trying to get home to his wife, this shows that he is very responsible and dedicated to his family. When he punches some little kid in the gut although the kid deserves it, this triggers a lot of questions, is he going to be a responsible father? However, there are other aspects of the movie that are not that good.

There are funny moments that can be witnessed in the movie like, Downey punching a kid, spitting in a dogs face, masturbating dogs and also when Downey’s father walks out on him, Galifianakis laughs at him. There are some bad moments in the movie like when Downey approaches Zack. However, the Due Date movie does have some shortcomings. These shortcomings would have attributed to the fact that the movie did not get to the movie theater hall. It is a movie that has quite a number of scenes that involve planes, trains and automobiles that are modernized with crude sense of humor. Depending on how you view it the movie did not receive very high ratings.