Unstoppable movie

Directed by Tony Scott, Unstoppable movie is another roller coaster movie which takes the film world with storm. Like the previous movies of Tony Scott, Unstoppable also is one movie of its category which also got PG 13 rating for some of its explicit content.

Starring Denzel Washington as Will Colson working as a veteran engineer is working under Frank as a trainee. Unstoppable has an over all weak story line and moves at a fast pace. The story starts with frank and Will on a train with Frank in charge of the train and Will supervising safety of train. Will by mistakes over load the train with extra cars. On their way Will and Frank comes across a serious obstacle that is not regarding their own train but another unmanned train that is containing dangerous poison that if spills over can destroy whole city. Frank as an experienced man upraised to the situation and the railway company wants him to use his experience to stop this unmanned train. This is the actual scenario around which whole story revolves and the director Tony has turned this situation into a real treat which makes viewers forget every thing else and lost in the actions of the film. This movie can truly be called the Top movie.

Forgetting their job, Frank and Will quickly assess the situation and use all the tools available to them with cool mind and expertise to stop the unmanned train. Tony has used the technical marvels with no CGI effects and turned the movie in to a action thriller marvel. All the technical aspects used in the films are perfect from cameraman to photography and the sleek editing which makes up for the weak story of Unstoppable.