Burlesque Movie

Burlesque movie, released in 2010, is a musical film directed and written by Steven Antin. Movie backed by Sony Pictures and released on 25th November 2010 in United States and Canada. This film is a Golden Globe award winning movie. The main theme of this movie circles around the girl Ali Rose, who lived small town and works in a bar. She leaves her job due the uncompensated and came to Los Angeles and tries to fulfill her dream of singing. After an exhausting and unfruitful day, finally she came to a theater “The Burlesque”, where she met with Tess and her dreamy and glorious life starts. In this movie Christina Aguilera plays the role of Ali and Cher plays as a Tess.

This movie is the first theatrical and musical unveiling entrance of Christina Aguilera as a leading character. This movie is filled with quality of music and amazing and attractive choreography. People got thrilled after seeing its trailer and got excited. In this film, ten soundtracks includes, in which eight tracks performed by Christina Aguilera and two by Cher. In which two soundtracks nominated for Golden Globe awards and award won.

This movie is one of the most expensive movies, estimated cost of $55 millions distributed by Screen Gem. Some people says that the idea of this movie taken from Moulin Rouge. But this concept declined by different look of Christina Aguilera and also some inspiration of Bob Fosse’s Cabaret, which are also directed by Steve Antin, who wrote the screen play of this movie.