Introducing the new

I’ve re-launched , now in a more blogified format for digital DJ era. Over the next few months the site will continue to evolve featuring a series free mashups and DJ mix downloads, interviews with and exclusive tracks by some of our favorite artists, music and DJ gear reviews, a download store, and lots more bounce-mixology.


As promised is my indepth report on my Australian tour last month
complete with pictures, notes, links and even a couple movies
Cheers to my new Aussie peeps - much fun was had!

I also just uploaded a new mix called DubStepBounce
that I had put together specifically for this trip.


radio /rupture

Our old friend Jace Just started a radio show on New York’s famous alternative radio station WFMU. Luckily for us non New Yorkers you can find his archived shows (one so far) - look for Mudd Up! Wednesday 7-8. The first one (from June 6th) has guest artist Drop the Lime killin it with a slammin live set and of course DJ /Rupture starting things off by mixing records and talking on the mic. For those unfamiliar (and I doubt anyone reading this falls in to this catagory) DJ,writer, producer /Rupture is the one who taught EVERYBODY the art of seemlessly mixing the most disparate of musical styles. As members of Tonebust we were inspired by his approach from its beginning, and with so many djs still playing one style of music for hours on end, its good to know that skillful genreblending can get the props it deserves . Check how, early in his show, he makes the 60s Motown vocals for “Standing in the Shadows of love” seem like they were made for modern dubstep.


DJ Mix: Mass.Dstrction

This mix is hot. Kinda Girl Talk-like, but more on the underground side a things. So underground in fact that it’s got tracks by Wayne and in it. Not so underground though that it doesn’t have tracks by by the likes of Ludacris and Ciara.

Apparently it’s entirely composed by weaving together pieces of other mixes:

like a cd a dj makes of songs that all blend together, or a tape you made for a girl in 10th grade because you thought she was cute and would think you had good taste in music. so make yourself a mixtape, then a few months later take your favorite parts and mix in some new songs, take parts out, whatever. keep changing things and rearranging, maybe only use the snare sound from one song, with the bass part from another…you get the picture. that’s what’s going on here…except that if you’re in 10th grade and give this to a girl, she’ll probably think you’re sorta crazy.
- Scientific American

In Case You Still Thought Mashups Were Cool

The implications of viral videos as insidious commercials aside, this one has its moments