The American Movie

Anoton Corbijn comes up with an another action thriller movie The American, it is a story of an American spy who works as an agent and works for money or simply to say hit man! Who carries out assassination missions, by killing mafia and other people who he is paid for George Clooney an Academic Award winner plays the role of Edward / Jack who is an assassinator and carry out assassination missions for the government as well as for the other locals, who sets up for his final mission in Italy.

This film is a complete action packed suspense and a mystery movie. The killer (George), uses the sniper gun to carry out his missions through out and is supplied by the company’s agent Co starring Violante Placido and Thekla Reuten, who also played an extra ordinary role in this movie, this movie was released in the year 2010. And is surely worth watching the critics review about this movie is 6.5 out of 10 which makes The American movie worth watching.

The estimated budget of this movie is $20,000,000, which is surely a big amount and the best thing is that it has recovered the full amount! The sound for this movie was given by Dolby Digital which ensures the best action thrilling sound for this movie. So if you love action and thriller this movie is surely for you, this movie is PG rated and parents view is also needed. However it has worked out great on the big screen.