Legend of the Guardians

The film "Legend of the Guardians" is thought to be a sort of an epic, a great journey, unless it is different to see any real sense between distance and time. There's a key episode in which Soren and his "band" meet a wise who tells them that the journey is going to be very long. He stresses how far they still have to go and how difficult it'll be. But already in the next scene they arrive at their supposed place. There it is no obvious relation with the script. There is an opinion that the director Zack Snyder didn't actually read it.

Although there is noticing problems in edition the film is full of laughable dialogues which seems to be unnecessary. A good advice: take out the dialogue and try to watch Legend of the Guardians as a silent movie without any words. The result is guaranteed! This might become one of the greatest films of the year. Of course, the story is filled with a mess, but there is one of the most beautiful pieces of animation ever created. It is able to do it not only with wonderful images but also with using of 3D effect.

Nothing Cameron's "Avatar" its visual brilliance can't be compared with the 3D wizardry shown in "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole". The director Snyder has really found a way to make sunlight, of all things in the movie. It pours out of the screen and washes across the audience, as if that's really a window in front of us through which those sparkling, eternally twilight rays shining in on the head of the man near you. It is a wonderful sight to watch rains in the screen because of its lively realism.