Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Show Your Bones"

This is the second time that I have started this review over from scratch, because I want to put forth the most perfect descriptions eloquently stating my opinion about Show Your Bones.

I listened to this album many times. I know on occasion albums grow on you – in the past I have prematurely stated opinions about records that I wish I could take back – so this time I listened, and listened, and listened. Only my opinion never changed. The heavily anticipated follow up to Fever to Tell was supposed to be a concept album. It was supposed to be like “sticking your finger in an electrical socket.” Yeah Yeah Yeahs were supposed to be a modern day William Katt. So is it and are they?

To be blunt, the album is over-produced and holds no concepts. The flaws are not in the songs themselves, but in the fact that they were recorded through someone else’s vision. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are evolving and Show Your Bones isn’t horrible, but what it’s also not is energetic. Guitarist Nick Zinner has replaced his loop station with an acoustic guitar and Karen O. rarely screams, in turn highlighting her pedestrian “singing” ability. When Yeah Yeah Yeahs were playing in the name of muck, not much mattered. The songs had honesty and attitude. On Show Your Bones, the filthiness is gone. It was present on the EPs, diluted on Fever to Tell, and now it has totally disappeared. If “Maps” is your favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, you may like this album. Get it for yourself and see. But for me, I’ll keep their EPs and the memory of what could have been.