Daylight Dies

Daylight Dies have continued down a path that has become increasingly common in death metal today: taking contrasting musical styles and combining them with technical precision. Gone are the days when people can hear the music and, without hesitation, dismiss it as “these guys are just making noise.”

Dismantling Devotion has a plush soundscape that not only utilizes acoustic and heavy guitars, but an upright bass as well. Daylight Dies have combined a haunting sound with the beauty and clarity of an acoustic opus.

The only drawback to the allure of the album is its lack of catchiness. This is mainly due to the band’s affinity for droning doom / death metal, which are not enough to make up for the clear acoustic passages. My favorite here is the doom / death metal-less “Solitary Refinement,” which leads me to believe Daylight Dies could follow in the footsteps of Green Carnation / Opeth and release a full acoustic album.