A brief about Megamind

Megamind is one movie that is absolutely fun for children for all ages and grown ups a like. It is such a fun movie and leaves the viewer in stitches. However, some skeptics have claimed that this movie does not provide so much fun and laughter but probably just very basic entertainment.

The storyline behind the movie is about an Alien who comes to earth after the destruction of his home planet. However, there is another child who comes from a different planet and beats him to the game and thus gets a better deal by getting rid of Megamind and getting acquainted and connected to rich family. On the other hand, Megamind is in prison and the two cross paths which results to a battle ground. The baby who is rather fortunate grows up and ends up being a hero in the metropolis and is referred to as Metro Man. On the other hand the other kid in prison grows up and is called Megamind. The two are potential enemies and spend their time fighting.

Some reality is brought in to the story line when Megamind gets lucky enough and succeeds in destroying Metro Man. This however ahs an impact as evil reigns all over the city of Metro and this ends up becoming very boring and dull for Megamind. The game ball changes and the plot that depicts good and evil is blocked out and over turned in a bid to bring in some stimulation of the mind.

Other than this the plot is rather dry and the predictability makes it boring. The movie has a great cast and a lot more would have been expected to come out. It is just a basic movie that provides nice looking photos that appear to be rather amusing.