Wall Street money never sleeps

Wall street money never sleeps is a movie that will leave you with mixed feelings and more questions than answers but all the same it does a good job of exposing the intricate under dealings of the capitalistic economies as various businessmen try to outdo each other in order to survive. Those who have little knowledge of the world of finances, stocks and banking will have a hard time following the events.

The story line is based on Gordon, a one time Wall Street guy who has been in jail for some crimes he committed and is being released. Back in Wall Street, he writes a harsh and very critical book on his views of the state of matters in the markets. This earns him the limelight he had before he went to prison. One of his fans is a young investment banker named Jake who is living with Gordon’s daughter. Jake’s long time mentor has passed away and s in need of a new mentor.

While Gordon was in prison, a new kingpin who is more shrewd and smoother emerged and thus gives Gordon a run for his money as he tries to impress Jake with his wealth, be it his paintings or his motorcycle. Will Gordon win Jake over as well as mend fences with his daughter?

The movie employs humor as well as satirical crudeness as the director tries to show the some what evil side of capitalism. The actors have really perfected their parts that one can’t help but feel as if you are experiencing real life situations especially on the father daughter issues between Gordon and Winnie his daughter.

Use of expensive sets goes along way to portray the cut throat nature of capitalistic economies where its do or die as portrayed in the movie.