JACKASS 3D: Worth watching

Like many series and movies, Jackass 3d is not different. It is a comedy film that makes you laugh so hard to a point of thinking you’ve got your ribs cracked. Despite receiving both positive and negative, it remains to be one of the most hilarious movies.

Johnny Knoxville gathers a group of actors including Bam Malgera, Steve o, Wee Man amongst other comedians to make another funny movie. Playing the role of a leader Johnny Knoxville leads the crew to bring out ridiculous tasks of lying diddos and feces. If you have not been lucky enough to watch Jackass 3d, it is about a group of actors and actresses performing insane and disturbing stunts in order to make one laugh. You cannot afford to watch this movie. You may not have necessarily been watching the Jack ass series on TV but you will definitely love this movie.

Jack Black acts as mailroom guy who is never been promoted due to his low self esteem hence not making any progress in his work. He falls in love with his fellow woman colleague from another department but due to his low esteem he believes that he is not good enough as he is unable to ask her out for a date.

This helps us learn that how we see and perceive ourselves limits our achievements in life. If one thinks low of him or herself and always thinks that he or she is not good enough it is obvious that one will not be able to achieve much in life. When you think low of yourself and lack confidence in your abilities fear comes in. The fear lies in the fact that most people will not want to venture in things that will take them away from their comfort zone hence that keeps one caged to his or her status quo without any improvement and success in his or her life.

You can never lie to God and you can never lie to yourself either by pretending to be someone else, always be yourself because this makes you unique and in so doing you will lead a happy life.