Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie

harry_potterHarry potter and the deathly Hallow movie is directed by David Yates, produced by J.K Rowling, David Heyman and David Barron, screen played scripted by Steve Kloves. This is based on the last part of the Harry potter novel and is the last film of the Harry Potter movie series.

With the departure of Harry from the, Malfov’s wand was taken by Voldemort, coz of ineffectiveness of his own wand on Harry. Before that Wizard media was given news by the minister of Magic that the ministry was gaining in strength due to the increase in the powers of Voldemort. Six decoys were made of Harry in order to take him to safe place. Mad-eye and Hedwig along with the decoys were killed on their way but even with Malfov’s wand, Voldemort was not able to kill Harry. All the actors that had previously proved themselves in earlier parts of Harry Potter series, have once again work their heart out and performed extraordinarily to bring us this great movie. Harry dreams that Voldemort is searching for the wand thief and asking information from the wand maker Gregorovitch. Harry with all his effort was unable to take swords out of the frozen lake and therefore was not able to kill Horcrux, but finally with the help of Ron, Harry killed Horcrux. After which Deathly eaters symbol was told to them by Lovegood that were the Resurrection Stone, the cloak of Invisibility and the elder wand.

This is surely one captivating and freezing movie to watch for which will take you to whole different world.