Green Zone Movie

Green-Zone-movieBOTTOM LINE: In the previews, Green Zone may not have looked like a Bourne movies but the reality is; it has proved itself as a great thriller and spectacular movie. this movie has an aspect of honesty and authenticity about the Iraq war. This movie raises many questions as; what was the real cause of invasion in Iraq, what objectives were achieved by the Iraq war, who was benefited the most by Iraq war, and why the war was mishandled by the false headlines of America being victorious. THE GOOD: the movie has lots of good things to remember.

The movie revolves around the Chief Roy Miller of American Army played by Matt Damon. He was sent to Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction following the weeks of American invasion of Iraq. He along with his team searched different defense facilities of Iraq based on intelligence reports but didn’t find any WMDs which make him angry and he begins to ask question as what is happening. Matt Damon although didn’t go well with his seniors but he was supported by the CIA station Chief Martin Brown who knows that the intelligence report was faulty and it was all a game to bring down Saddam. Miller goes right down to the bottom of the scandal in order to find out answer to his question. All the actors particularly Damon has acted brilliantly in the movie and no where you can imagine that you are not seeing a real soldier, in-fact Damon is a soldier and you have to believe it after seeing his performance.

Although, the film is not shot in Iraq but the director Paul Greengrass directed is with such delicacy and intelligence that one can not guess it. The camerawork and attention to each character is so meticulous that it just grasp your attention at once and make you to forget every other thing around you. Another great thing abut Greenzone movie is that it gives you an insight to a soldier’s life. You may become angry at first for why the soldiers were being sent to Iraq on a faulty report and why they have to bear such sufferings for no true reason. It also puts a light to the role played by American media on portraying wrong information about WMDs in Iraq and Damon in the end ask a reporter who reported false information for what her source was to which she replied that he was a high ranking credible officer in DC. All in all it is a great treat to watch this movie which captures your mind and at the same time raises question in your mind for what reason Iraq war was started and what role should be played by an individual to stop this war.