Men in black 3

Men in black 3Men in black’s part three, the science fiction and comedy film. It was releases on 25th may of this year 2012. The film was directed by Barry Sonnenfield. This is based on the comic book series “The men in Black” written by Lowell Cunningham. This is also popularly called as MIB. It got almost positive reviews and it made a gross sum of $624 million in the box office. This part 3 stands as the highest grossing movie in the series of MIB.

The film has stars Josh Brolin, Will smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the lead role. It has a lot of science fiction things within such as time machine, different sort of travel vehicles of ancient history. Those seems real and of good imagination. In this Boris the animal who was sent to prison by Agent K get escaped from the prison. The prison was set in the moon. Thus the Boris is returning to the earth in order to kill Agent K.

In past during the fight between agent K and the animal the hand of Boris was separated. Thus Boris tries to use the time machine to get back to the same sequence and it needed to kill Agent K before its hand getting separated. The difference between the past and present was clearly described by the chocolate milk and technology. In this after they were going to the past, a Arc Nut that has to be sent to space in the Apollo 11 was provided by Griffin in Shea Stadium.

Griffin is the one who can foresee the future. So Griffin in team with agents K and J, was trying to send the ArcNut and they reaches the launching station of the rocket. After fore showing the future to the major there, they are allowed to get inside the station. The last fight sets there between Agent K and the Boris. Again the Boris’ hand is getting separated and the agent K places the ArcNut in the rocket.

According to Griffin’s foreseeing agent k will be killed by the Boris. But in turn the major of police got shot to death and Boris was shot by Agent K. The major’s small kid who came there was taken into care of K and that kid is none other than agent J. After seeing all these, agent J returns back to his present world with his heart filled with happiness and now he got answers of many unknown puzzles.