Far Cry 3 review

A travel brochure has caught the attention of Jason Brody and his friends. Because of this travel brochure, he and his friends book a spring break-style trip to Rook Islands. The island has a lot of bull sharks as well as lunging leopards.

The Far Cry 3 is far from hospitable because the village is ruled by sadistic drug lord. Far Cry 3 is a first person shooting game that intersperses the character arc, plot, as well as the suspense throughout various action-packed firefights, side missions, and stealth sequences.

Far Cry 3

In the beginning of the game, Jason was led out of captivity by his military-trained brother. It will then introduce Jason to the different control schemes. The island will open after Denis Rogers arrived. Dennis is an ally of the Rakyat tribe and he will guide Jason on his quest. Jason’s main goal is to reunite with his friends and girlfriend. Dennis discovers the burgeoning warrior of Jason and he will then encourage Jason to help him free the island from criminals.

There is a radio tower in each section and each has a signal scrambler. Jason needs to climb the tower and disconnect the device so that a map will be revealed. If Jason will be able to free the tower, it will help him open the area to trade. Weapon dealers will be very glad for they will shower you with free guns.

If you are searching for games that have a multiplayer element, then Far Cry 3 is perfect for you. It has various game modes. Firestorm is a perfect addition in which a team sets fire the opponents.