Introducing the new

I’ve re-launched, now in a more blogified format for digital DJ era. Over the next few months the site will continue to evolve featuring a series free mashups and DJ mix downloads (The first of which are now online), interviews with and exclusive tracks by some of our favorite artists, music and DJ gear reviews, a download store, and lots more bounce-mixology.


As promised is my indepth report on my Australian tour last month
complete with pictures, notes, links and even a couple movies
Cheers to my new Aussie peeps - much fun was had!

I also just uploaded a new mix called
that I had put together specifically for this trip.

Bouncement 2

Hey party people - how you going? I just got back from my tour Down Under and I need to sort through my digital photos and jet-lagged mind before I make an in-depth post about all the cool shows and great people I met while in “Oz” - in the meantime I want to make sure that our Boston area peeps know about BOUNCEMENT TWO this Saturday with the one and only Gonna be crazy!


Awesome Interview with The Bug

Kevin Martin proves again and again, over and over to me, why he makes music unlike anyone else (Thanks to John Eden for pointing out the interview!). His views and essential characteristics are so strong, he’s worked a long time and has made it to a point where he can just … do what he does. And not in a way where he necessarily wants to influence anyone, that’s not his goal, not to “run things” or be “the don” or a trend-setter. He just wants to make music, and make it exactly how he wants to make it. He’s an inspiration to me, musically and personally. He’ll be in the US soon.

RM has been been fairly quiet. We know it. We feel it. The 6 of us have been on massive journeys recently, Me across the country and back, Ripley to JA, Wayne from Chicago to Boston, C from Boston to Chicago (plus all over Europe), Pace from one side of Boston to the other, and Tony, as every, the calm center, staying put (except that he’s in Australia now)… We realized are comments are ass-broke (we’ve got 40000 unmoderated)… the first solution is to update to the most recent version of WP… I’m hoping to do this by the end of the summer, give RM a fresh look and start the ball rolling again. Bear with us. Still Versioning. The Perfect is the Enemy of The Good.

B to the C

I’ve left my roots in Boston and been re-planted out here in Chicagoland. First off, I want to send my best out to all my peeps in the Bean. I miss y’all. I’ll be back in town on August 13 and for a gig in Providence on the 16th. I hope to see as many of you as possible. In between now and then I’ll be doing some gigs in Europe:

  • Jul 7: Amsterdam, NL @ Flex Bar
    Featuring: Digital Mystikz, Maga Bo, Jah Shaka, The Skatalites, T-Woc and many more…
    DJ C (Mashit / Riddimmethod)
    Blam *live* (damage / 1manarmy) Punksi (Clean Cut / Venn)
    Ironside (P.R.A.N.K / Bashout)
    9pm - 1am. £2 @ Cosies, Portland Sq, Bristol
  • Jul 20: London, UK w. Soundsystem
  • Jul 22: Glade Festival, London/Bristol, UK
    Featuring: Aaron Spectre, Andrea Parker, Andy C, Apparat, Biosphere, Ceephax, Clark, Congo Natty (featuring DJs Serial Killaz with MCs Top Cat & Tenor Fly, Derrick May, DJ Assault, DJ Maxximus, DMZ, Dolphin + Teknoist, Eat Static, Enduser, Four Tet, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, Loefah, Luke Vibert and The Ragga Twins, Mary Anne Hobbs, Neil Landstrumm, Otto von Shirach, Pinch, Producer + Sharkey, Punksi, Richie Hawtin, Scotch Egg Band [Drumize], Society Suckers, Squarepusher, System 7, The Black Dog, The Panacea, The Plump DJs, Tipper, Venetian Snares, and many more…

More soon….

radio /rupture

Our old friend Jace Just started a radio show on New York’s famous alternative radio station WFMU. Luckily for us non New Yorkers you can find his archived shows (one so far) HERE- look for Mudd Up! Wednesday 7-8. The first one (from June 6th) has guest artist Drop the Lime killin it with a slammin live set and of course DJ /Rupture starting things off by mixing records and talking on the mic. For those unfamiliar (and I doubt anyone reading this falls in to this catagory) DJ,writer, producer /Rupture is the one who taught EVERYBODY the art of seemlessly mixing the most disparate of musical styles. As members of Tonebust we were inspired by his approach from its beginning, and with so many djs still playing one style of music for hours on end, its good to know that skillful genreblending can get the props it deserves . Check how, early in his show, he makes the 60s Motown vocals for “Standing in the Shadows of love” seem like they were made for modern dubstep.

C ya soon

Our buddy Gabriel (aka verbnine) took a lot of great and colorful pictures at the going away party we had for my partner in Jake It was a bittersweet affair as Jake and I have been working and playing together for well over 10 years and he is one of my very best friends. Fellow Riddimethodist Kid Kameleon was on hand from the West Coast bringing the party vibes and a lot of our peeps came out to show their love and Support. Jake just moved to Chicago where he plans to make and perform music full time. He also plans to set up the 3rd coast chapter of Beat Research after he tours Europe this Summer. I really learned the art of mixing and beat-matching from watching him and he gave me my first mix tape of all instrumental hip-hop back in 1995 when I was still playing bass in an art punk band and only had one turntable. I got many years of listening out of that amazing cassette until my car finally ate the thing a few years back -it was another sad day but I was happy knowing thats its magnetic information had been fully absorbed in to my brain.

A week or so before he left we made videos of almost all our DuoTone rhymes (Jake doing the human beatbox with me rockin the lyrics) so expect those to appear on a YouTube near you in the not so distant future.

I will keep holding down “Beat Research East” and fellow Riddimmethodist Wayne and Wax (moving back from Chicago ironically) will be joining me soon as my co-host. Methodist Pace will be there tonight and we hope to have Ripley sometime this summer. We already miss DJ C but the man who brought us can’t stay away too long, meanwhile check out some of these parting party picts.