Due Date Movie

Due-Date-MovieDue Date is a pretty amusing comedy movie. Todd Phillips has done it yet once again with the release of Due Date. The movie starring: Robert Downey Jr. an upright architect as Peter and Zach Galifianakis as Ethan. Ethan is the main character of the movie which is driving the movie all the way long. He is an kind hearted but quirky actor. With all his good intentions, he just makes the disaster out of every situation that might come across in his way.

The story revolves around these two characters who meet when Peter was going to airport as his pregnant wife was due in about seven days. Peter and Ethan first meet each other when their cab drivers had a fender bender and accidently their bags were exchange leaving peter with the bag of Ethan’s” medication”. After that both of these characters meet at the plane where you can see more humor of peter and Ethan.

With quite a lot of things happened in plane, peter and Ethan found their names in the no-fly list and were both taken out of plane, having none other option but to drive back to California. Peter’s bag was left on the plane having his Money and ID. With no other option left Ethan offered Peter a ride back to airport which he has to accept. There were numerous hilarious things happening on their way back and Ethan constantly pissed of Peter during the course of film. After spending sometime together and knowing each other, Peter gets to know that Ethan was taking the ashes of his father to Grand Canyon.

The story is quite well directed and nicely done with they style and humor both kept at certain level however, you might think at someplace that the comedy and humor is at insane level but then it all goes well with the movie and all in all it’s a nice movie to watch for.