Chéri movie

Cheri movie is based on novels that create a scandal of romantic fiction. Cheri is a young man and dissolute Parisian. His lover, Lea de Lonval, is older to him by several decades. Moreover, she is recently retired and a courtesan. Madame Peloux is Cheri’s mother and is also a former courtesan living wealthy. She is a tough lady and tosses her son Cheri to Lea, her friend for little toughening up. This pair come with no complaints and is very comfortable after six years and never confesses emotional intimacy. In the meanwhile, Cheri’s marriage is fixed with Felicity Jones, Edmee, the innocent.

Lea and Cheri get separated, but maintain stiff. This movie introduces parlor games and the stage bound ambience burden Cheri, but also allows healthy cracking stingers. Pfeiffer’s performance is worth watching with her ridiculous hats and Cheri suffers the doomed central romance. Magnetic moments of Pfeiffer present the lust of the older woman with the youth. All is sound and good in this movie and there is nothing extraordinary that is not in other movies, but the characters have given an upstaged drapery. The subject is about women and age, their observations and this applies to earlier movies of the 19th century and also the contemporary film industry. Pfeiffer presents herself as a celebrated beauty.

The performance of Pfeiffer presents complete confidence, acceptance and panic. Lea regularly keeps looking at her hand as though her skin may betray her and rightly the movie lights turn to accentuate pallor and Pfeiffer’s face. This movie presents the civilized society and its awareness and also introduces old harlots. Anita Pallenberg in this movie is truly arresting. She is the bad-girl, but is simply beautiful. Cheri touches the courtesan’s egotism with firmness and there is no doubt that Pfeifer is very beautiful in this business.