The Tourist Movie

"The Tourist" is a boring mess, delivering a apathetic, uninteresting and foolish narrative whose chief stars contain no chemistry what's ever. All films begin with a plan, and the plan for "The Tourist" is really a superior one. Angelina Jolie acting as Elise, a lovely lady who is being trailed in Paris through Scotland Yard who are following her previous lover Alexander Pearce? Elise gets a letter from Pearce, telling her to enter a specific train and to choose a guy who is alike in appearance to him so as to confuse the detectives of path.

It begins of naively sufficient but gets much more difficult with the arrival of a British criminal who desires the cash back that Pearce stole from him. This type of captivate in a narrative harkens reverse to old-style films that are seldom prepared any more, and the gorgeous of images of definite European spots, mainly Venice, is a scene to watch in this movie.

Given the skills concerned, one would have to inquire, "What were they thinking?" The whole movies falls dull on its weak writing and direction. There are so many possibilities for wit, fighting and enjoyment, but they are not exploited in any method, figure or appearance. The dialogue of this film is really boring. If the filmmakers had created up the act to compensate, the movie may have been acceptable, but as they would not, the mass of the movie is exhausted watching Jolie and Depp participate it by the numbers without any logic of inspiration or enjoyment. Paul Bettany's subplot as the Scotland Yard supervisor searching down Pearce might have led to a few great moments, both in fighting and comedy, mostly with the interactions with his chief performed by Timothy Dalton; but this again is not exploited. The largest sham of course is that Jolie and Depp have no chemistry on display. Although this movie must have sounded good quality on document, "The Tourist" is an absolute waste of time.